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Financial Advisors and Registered Securities Representatives

We represent and defend registered representatives and financial advisors before FINRA, CFTC, SEC, and AAA, in disciplinary proceedings. This includes U5 defamation actions, forgivable promissory note collection causes, expungement of U4 and U5, AWC letters, OTR interviews and enforcement actions.

If you've received a disciplinary letter from FINRA or have any questions regarding claims brought against you, contact Daniel D'Costa for a free consultation.

CRD Expungement Process

The background and history of Brokers and Investment Advisors are publicly available through the FINRA Broker Check database at https://brokercheck.finra.org/ and accessible by all investors. If you're currently facing or in the past have had to deal with any adverse arbitration awards, a lien filing, or was terminated from a FINRA member firm, this information is publicly available on this website. The adverse effect of having these marks on your record are tremendous and can prevent you from being hired by a firm or a client. Often times a customer files a false claim, a claim that is clearly erroneous, or a claim about a transaction in which you were never involved in. In these situations you have the right to have that negative information expunged from the Central Depository Record (CRD). Furthermore, if a complaint arises out of a defective structured product designed by your employer, you may seek an expungement of that claim because it does not fall under the umbrella of a "sales practice violation, forgery, theft, misappropriation or conversion of funds."

D'Costa Law has assisted many clients in having the negative disclosure(s) removed ("expunged") from his/her CRD, thus creating a clean record for anyone utilizing the FINRA Broker Check. In order to clean the slate, we must first file a FINRA Action seeking an expungement. Similar to any judicial proceeding, documents will be collected and a hearing will be conducted to confirm the acceptability of removing the particular marks on the CRD report. Once we're able to successfully obtain a FINRA Judgment ("Award") we must then confirm the award in a Court of competent jurisdiction directing FINRA to remove the negative marks from the broker's record.