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D’Costa Law P.C., represents investors who have been victimized by their investment advisor or stock broker. Our firm represents investors throughout the Nation in all fifty states and has also represented international investors who have been victimized by stock broker misconduct. D’Costa Law is completely dedicated to representing only investors who have suffered losses as a result of broker misconduct. Your case will be given the time and attention that it deserves. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions and ease any concerns you may have in navigating this process.

Often times investors are unaware of the abuse(s) committed by their trusted stock broker. These kinds of stock brokers will use every tool in their arsenal to manipulate, deceive, control, and extort money from their clients. However, the “numbers” never lie. Our firm provides a FREE analysis of your brokerage account statements in order to reveal the truth of where your hard earned money is going. A review of your brokerage account statements will often times reveal high or hidden commission charges, purchases in high-risk investments outside of your investment objectives, investments in firm-sponsored or firm-owned investment products, and an overall failure to disclose these trades to the investor. These types of trades can dissolve an investor’s account within months and be disguised as “market-related” losses.

There’s no reason to feel embarrassed if you were a victim of stock broker misconduct and it’s important to note that it’s not your fault. Often times it’s the same stock broker or brokerage firm taking advantage of all of their clients in the same exact way. As a free resource tool please check out your broker on https://brokercheck.finra.org/ - although not a complete list of disclosure events (bad past behavior), BrokerCheck is a great resource for investors to research the history of their stock broker and the firms that they have worked for. If after doing your research you feel worried about how your money is being managed, please contact D’Costa Law for a free evaluation.

D’Costa Law, P.C. believes in full and honest disclosure to our clients. Therefore, if your case is approved for FINRA Dispute Resolution, the only additional fees required will be: (1) the fees associated with the filling of your claim and (2) the forensic analysis report of the accounts in question; which are completed by an independent third-party certified forensics expert. Thereafter, you’ll be charged NO additional legal fees unless you win!

If you feel that you’ve been victimized by your stock broker, please contact us immediately for a *FREE evaluation. An experienced New York Securities Lawyer will review your financial statements and provide you immediate feedback.